Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flowers, Spikes, & Everything Nice

Flowers and Spikes and everything nice

With the summer hydrangeas in full bloom, grad parties galore, and afternoon lunch
dates in session, dressing the part is so much more fun in June. Lately, different shades
of blue have tickled my fancy and living in the Cincinnati area (Kentucky Wildcat country),
I haven't had a problem with finding all-things-royal.

Blue is one of those colors that really do go with everything. I suppose you could say
that about many hues, but blues truly do. Black, greys, tans, browns, greens,
and even red--USA!

It is certainly easy to obtain an affordable version of this look. Go thrifting at your
local consignment store or rummage through grandma's closet--there is no better place to
find bright colors and jazzy florals than my Grandma Judy's closet (she could have easily
qualified to be on an episode of Hoarders).

I have the tendency to gravitate toward the funky and vintage--not the pinks and
greens. But maybe, just maybe, I will start sorting through the Lilly Pullitzer prints and
adding a few spikes and studs to fit my wardrobe.


  1. These are some great picks! I'm having a hard time deciding my favorite but I think I like the dress best!

  2. Thank you Tiffany! I am loving the dress too.--such a cute summer dress.