Friday, June 7, 2013

Really Red

Really Red

Watch / Sunglasses / Flats / Satchel / Duffel Bag / Earrings

Colors are fun to play around with and everyone should own something red.
Adding pops of color is one of my favorite fashion trends and red is the perfect color
to make a statement. Classically, red is paired with black and leopard prints, but to
 bust the status quo, pair with floral prints and a pair of leopard heels for a 'wow' look.
If you are trying to dress up a casual outfit, throw on a red scarf, sunglasses, or earrings
and a generous application of red lip color--the ultimate attention-grabber. Keep it classy
in a professional setting, red has a sexy stigma tied to it's name--no red undergarments
with see thru clothing.

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