Saturday, October 26, 2013

Favorite Scents

I am a sucker for fabulous candles. The scent of ones home tells all! A candle in
every room is a great rule to follow — a little ambiance never hurts. 

I am a loyal customer when it comes to candle companies due to their long lasting
effect, natural/organic practices and their gift-giving ability. All seven of these jarred and
tinned beauties certainly fall into those categories and keeps me coming back for more! 

Favorite Scents

1. Trapp — Bob's Flower Shop
Trapp's packaging is worth nothing. It's perfect! I have given Trapp candles sans 
gift wrap plus a bow — that's all it needs. They're beautiful in their own skin and 
don't need any help. Bob's Flower Shop is an absolute godsend. The room will fill
quickly as if you are walking through a florist or a trip through a beautiful garden. 

2. Rosy Rings — Anjou Pear
Rosy Rings is such a unique company in itself contributing to the environment and
remaining ecofriendly. While Rosy Rings is known for their beautiful candles with 
embedded fruits and foliage, I like these little tins for a night stand or on my desk.
The Anjou Pear is perfectly sweet and is a fall essential. 

3. Ecoya — Lotus Flower
Ecoya candles are made with 100% soy wax leaving no residue and burns very clean. 
If you could describe the looks of a scent, the Lotus Flower candle would be best 
described as beautiful! It's a very light and simple scent. but absolutely nothing will
remind you of this candle. It is unique in itself, no knocking off this beauty.

4. Rosy Rings — Tomato Vine
Another Rosy Rings candle that is worthy of your senses. The earthiness of this candle
makes it a perfect kitchen candle creating a familiar, but unknowingly pleasant scent of
tomato vines. By mid-fall, we are going to wish we are picking rosy red tomatoes off the
vine — this candle will suffice — until next summer tomato picking...

5. Seda France — French Tulip
Seda France is made in my favorite city in the country — Austin, Texas — and has 
incorporated the most wonderful smells candles can have. I bring this French Tulip travel
tin every single time I travel. Although most hotels do not allow burning candles, I may 
bend the rules a little bit — just a little. No one likes a musty hotel stay!

6. Capri Blue — Citrine 
I am usually not one to indulge in super fruity scents, but this is an exception. Hands 
down, best fruity candle. I love the size, shape and color of this candle. The only issue, 
some may not like it because of the color. Color aside — the scent will make you wish
you were in Florida picking fresh navels off of the trees.

7. Aquiesse — Luxe Linen
Clean scents are an essential to your home — always. Aquiesse's line of black tin candles
include a convenient set of matches within the snap-off lid. It is a perfect little hostess gift
and great for men gifting. This is a gender-neutral scent that is ideal for a bathroom or to
freshen up near the litter box. A must have in your arsenal of candles.

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