Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hurray for Hurraw

These raw sticks of heaven are quite the treatment for this time of year
and for the past week my purse, my backpack, and the trusty pencil pouch
has become their home. 

These sweet tasting treats are one of the best lip care items I have ever tried.
Hurraw uses all raw ingredients, meaning there is nothing in them that is not natural,
organic, and they are entirely vegan. 

Each of the balms are made of the same consistency and
are a little more oily than your typical waxy lip balm, but not
in a bad way. They are not sticky and not grainy like some
balms seem to be. The best part? I left one in my car in 90 
degree weather, and it didn't melt! 

c/o Hurraw Balm
The Green Tea flavor is a earthy scent, and goes on clear. 

The Black Cherry flavor has an extremely settle red tint to it, very settle. 
It tastes just like you would expect. If you are a cherry lover, you may
want to skip because licking your lips may be tempting. But if you can
control your cherry sweet tooth, it's the perfect choice.

The Night Treatment balm I used every night before I went to bed and
it coated my lips nicely and I woke up with silky smooth, moisturized,
and seemingly exfoliated lips — that's how smooth they were! 

The Vata Balm is my favorite. It has Ayurveda which is the traditional
medicine of India — and it is a godsend! All of the others leave your
lips with a luscious and smooth feeling, but the Vata Balm was the
ultimate and is going to continue to be my makeup bag companion.
I use it before I put on lip color, after I put on lip color, when I don't
have on any lip color, and I even have my boyfriend hooked. 

You cannot just have one of these fabulous balms — seriously!

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