Wednesday, January 1, 2014

glamorous new year

Start the new year off with a little bit of sparkle and a tid bit of glitz.
Metallics, sequins and gilded mugs are fun ways to accessorize your home,
your outfit and your personality for the new year. These Tory Burch boots
were love at first sight and I am thinking seriously about splurging on these 
sparkling gems to spice up an all black or all white outfit. 

new year glam

1. dress // 2. clutch // 3. top // 4. mugs // 5. boots // 6. earrings

Have fun in the new year — fashionably. Test the waters with these
five fashion risks for 2014. 

1. pair black and brown — together
2. wear a lace dress with a leather jacket
3. pair 3 random colors in one outfit
4. wear a tea length skirt with oxfords
5. wear all white — before memorial day!

Recently, I have been stuck on wearing monochromatic outfits with a standout 
piece. "All black everything" is definitely a favorite of mine — a simple black
blouse, black jeans, black boots and this bright pink Gap jacket would certainly
be a fun way to add some color. Different shades of grey paired with a silver
clutch and rhinestone statement necklace for a night out. Have some fun in
the new year with fun colors and sparkly accessories! 

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