Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guest Blogger: Steals & Deals

Sydney Lutsch is a Chicago born, Cincinnati bred, and current resident of
Bowling Green, Kentucky where she attends Western Kentucky University. 
She is an avid lover of sushi, craft beers, and figuring out how to snag the 
best deals on a college budget. 

Follow her on Instagram: @Sydneylutsch

Dress: H&M [sale rack] $5.99 Bracelet: Charlotte Russe $5 
Necklace: Banana Republic $1.99 Shoes: Rampage 16.99 
Belt: Francesca's Collections: $10  

Besides the smart, guitar playing, shy guy in high school, sale racks are one 
of the most overlooked things in the world. The stigma that a good deal is 
embarrassing, that the sale clothes are ugly/out of style, or the fact that it may 
require a little extra effort are completely invalid. Here are some of the reasons 
why clothes are on sale rack proving why I love a good sale rack find:

1. Most of the times if you are are between sizes 00-0, 6-8, or 12+ you are the 
main sizes available. For some reasons that sizes tend to be left over more than 
any other. However, if you do not fall into that category, do not fear! There are 
always hidden little gems that pop up. Don't be afraid to check out sizes that 
surround your size. Labels size differently and you might be surprised. Some of 
my best finds have been a size or two up that I belted with tights, or a size or 
two down that I tucked into a high waisted skirt.

2. It didn't sell well. WHO CARES? If it looks cute on you, fits well, and you have 
the look to pull it off, BUY IT. When has it ever been a bad idea to look different?

3. It was an online return. My experience in retail is that some of the best sales 
are on returned items from online or in store. Many return policies are 60-90 days 
(except the always dreaded forever 21). That means that people may wait almost 
3 months to return something. By that time, it's probably on sale. 
Their loss is your gain. 

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